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Does Lighting In Your Home Gym Improve Workouts?

So, they say that lighting in the office can change your mood when you are working but is that also the case with your lighting in your gym?  Can the lighting you have change the way you workout on your home gym equipment?  You bet the lighting in the gym can put you in a better mood and will lead to more intense and enjoyable workouts.  If you are in a better mood you are more willing to stay and actually finish your workouts which will lead to better gains and better weight loss.

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Headlight Condensation on a Kia: How to Fix

Headlight Condensation on a Kia Vehicle

Fixing Headlight Condensation on Your Kia Vehicle

If you hardly drive at night, then you may not realize that your headlights are foggy. In this world of uncertainties, you may never know when an emergency would come up. It could come in the middle of the night, you never know. Your loved one can fall sick. You may get an emergency phone call. It could be just anything, and you end up on the road. At night! Headlight condensation reduces visibility and can lead to accidents. You definitely don’t want this, so always inspect your headlights to see if they are foggy. And if they are foggy, fix them! How? So we asked the service department at Classic Kia of Beaumont, TX for the 411 on how to do this simple process. They should be your number one choice for official Kia parts and accessories in the SouthEast Texas area.  Well, here is how to fix headlight condensation or fogginess in your car.

What You Need

· Lint free cloth

· Silica Gel Packs

· Tools needed to remove your headlight (consult your owner’s manual to know the specific tools you need).

· Hair dryer

· Desiccant packets

· Soapy water

· Denatured alcohol

· Sandpaper

Steps to Get Rid of the Condensation

1. Consult your owner’s manual for tips on how to remove your headlight and follow the instructions to remove it. Usually, unscrewing the bulb, removing the back of the assembly, and opening the hood would work.

2. Once you gain access to the assembly, use the lint free cloth to remove the moisture from the lens.

3. Put the silica gel into the lens assembly. Make sure it does not come into direct contact with the bulb. Put the headlight back.

Alternatively, you can go with the steps below:

1. Use soapy water to wash the lenses, then rinse and wipe it dry.

2. Dip a rag into denatured alcohol then use it to clean the lens in a circular motion. Repeat this process until the lenses become clear and then rinse.

3. Soak sandpaper in water, and then sand the lens in small, circular motion. Only stop when the lenses are smooth. You may then apply car wax to prevent headlight condensation in future.

You can also use desiccant packets to get rid of minor condensation. However, if the condensation is major, consider using a hair dryer to dry out the headlight’s housing. If you opt for this method, be cautious to use low heat, preferably less than one hundred and eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

Additional Advice and Tips

1. Any silica gel pack can work. These packs are usually found in white bags with a message “DO NOT EAT”. They are nonhazardous and nonflammable.

2. Ensure that the gel pack does not come into direct contact with the bulb. If there is barely enough space, do not leave it at the bottom of the assembly since any contact with the bulb will make things worse.

3. Silica packs will only absorb forty percent of their weight in water. While this will address most condensation issues, it will not necessarily fix the problem. You may need to replace seals and gaskets then apply silica gel to fix the problem completely.

4. If it is mandatory that your car is inspected annually, you will most likely be forced to replace your headlights if they are in bad condition. Maintain your headlights to avoid costly and unnecessary replacements.


Prevention is always better than cure. However, if your headlight is already blurred, you will need to take corrective measures. If headlight condensation is troubling you, the tips, steps, and tricks discussed above will come in handy. You never know when an emergency will come up, so always ensure that your headlights are in good condition.

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All About New Jersey Deregulated Energy

Deregulation of Energy has brought a different kind of revolution in the United States. Though every state has jumped into energy deregulation, but are moving towards it. Deregulation, is nothing but is a condition, where the people are given a chance to compare the prices of different kind of energy supplies, and can choose one for their home according to their need. Deregulation of Energy has become really popular in the Norther parts of America. The begging of deregulation has allowed competitive energy supplying companies like TriEagle Energy to come into the market and offer their products to the consumers. The best thing about the deregulated energy market is that the consumer can choose their energy provider, just like they can choose different household service providers.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU), passed a bill in 1999, to change the residential power supplies, into deregulated energy industry. The aim behind doing this, was to allow the residents, to choose the energy provider according to their budget and their needs. For deregulated energy consumers, there are two varieties available, one is simple electricity and another is the natural gas source. A survey was done right after the deregulation was done between 1999-2003 and it was found that the consumers were highly benefitted, for it had reduced the customer’s rate by almost 10.2 percent, which saved them approximately $290 million.

With time, the source of deregulated energy has developed further, and the service providers are now called Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). There are almost 21 licensed electric suppliers and 29 licensed natural gas suppliers. Other than these, there are even private suppliers usually known as third party suppliers.

TriEagle Energy is one of the leading energy providers in New Jersey. It is so because they fulfill all the three categories wisely, that are considered while choosing a provider.

Rates – Since there are many providers in the market, the rates seem to vary and face competition every once in a while. And TriEagle gives, some cheap rates, that are absolutely pocket friendly.

Service – Providing an uninterrupted service is very important. Though after deregulation the electricity or the natural gas providing source gets changed, the local distributor remains the same, and that’s why the consistent delivery of the energy should not be hampered and this is where TriEagle stands out, as they are masters in providing their service, without any interruptions.

Products – In this tough market every company decides and launches a variety of products to lure the consumers. So, TriEagle Energy too have many products and try their best to provide cent percent value for the consumers pay by providing them with various product options.

Though it is a very appealing system, because of its merits of providing a good product, service and price, yet the system is not totally flawless. There are flaws in the deregulated energy system too, but considering the pros, the minor cons can be ignored. It is hoped that just like New Jersey, every state of the United States, will slowly turn into a deregulated energy state.

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Light Up Your Life!

Most people don’t give lighting much thought. Light fixtures are all around us, standing lamps, fixed ceiling mount lighting, canned lighting and pendant lights. These are the fixtures that light up our lives. Here are some popular types of light fixtures and where to use them and not use them.

In the past home builders didn’t give lighting the thought and consideration that it really deserved. That’s how we ended up rooms that are dark and uninviting. Lighting problems in the home are REAL problems for many people, the truth is, light mistakes are avoidable. Here are some common lighting troubles people commonly have and how we would suggest fixing them.

  1. I don’t have any lighting in my living room! – Many older homes weren’t built with the wired lighting in the ceilings of the living room. People who live in those homes have no choice but to use standing or table top lamps. Thats just  what they have to do if they intend to stay in the home. There are so many options for those people and certainly something for every budget and style. Most home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have basic lamp options. I would suggest you go check out a specialty lighting store though. Stores that specialize in lighting will have a wider variety of choices available and you know what, they usually aren’t much more than the big box stores. Plus, you get somebody who really knows what they are talking about to help you.
  2. We need new light fixtures in our entry way! – This might not seem like a problem really but there is some thought that should go into it. First, how long are you planning on staying in your house? Are you going to be there for 20 or 30 years? If so, great, go buy something that fits your personality because you’re going to be the one who lives with it but if you think you might sell your home in the not to distant future then go with something that will appeal to more people. Believe it or not, it might end up being a factor in helping you sell your home. When we bought our house recently I knew immediately when I walked into the door that the house we purchased would work for us. Most people make a basic yes or no decision about a house in the first couple minutes. If you have some over the top fixture in your entry way, that could cast a shadow of a doubt on a potential buyer.