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Outdoor Lighting Guide Minneapolis

Using outdoor lighting effectively is a wonderful concept to employ in your home. Light during the day is quite different from how it is seen at night and can be quite useful in emphasizing light pathways and other outdoor spaces. Here are some tips on how to achieve good outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting in front of the house

As a whole, light is divided into three layers according to functionality: Overall, Task and Accent. Overall lighting pertains to illumination of an entire space or room while task lighting pertains to a specific goal like lighting a dining area or kitchen counter while accent lighting focuses on drawing attention to an object or area such as the use of floodlights.

Light Types

Different light types are used for outdoor lighting. For instance, incandescent bulbs provide a soft and pleasing light source but are not too reliable as they break very quickly and use way too much energy. Halogen lighting on the other hand are upgraded versions of the incandescent lights with better energy use and longevity. Fluorescent lights meanwhile last longer, consume lesser electricity and are available in an agreeable color range. LED lights are highly efficient, last longer than all the others combined but are more expensive.

Placement of Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor lighting for pathways

A pathway that is well lit is not only a welcoming sight but very necessary as long as the illumination it provides make the user more secure. Total Lighting, LLC does not recommend to use high illumination and downlights. Pavers can be individually lit in order to create a nice pathway.


outdoor lighting for driveway

It is recommended to use only low-voltage lighting for this part of your home.


outdoor lighting for entrywayLights are installed on each side of the door as well as overheat at front and side entry too.


Outdoor lighting for stairs

For safety purposes, steps should be illuminated. One can install LED lighting on the risers or on the treads.


outdoor lighting patios

Special emphasis needs to be placed on task areas like the cooking area as well as along railings and also on seating sections. One can utilize the uplighting method to send light upwards on an umbrella or deck to create an indirect effect.

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Full Spectrum LED Bulbs: An Introduction

Full Spectrum LED Bulbs: An Introduction

Among the most innovative of inventions include the full spectrum LED bulbs. So what is the big deal about these bulbs? Well, unlike your typical lights, the full spectrum LEDs are designed to emulate midday sunlight or the full electromagnetic spectrum of light regarding how you see them – they are kind of mini-sunlights.

The only real full spectrum is sunlight – even when the quality of light varies depending on factors such as atmospheric conditions and latitude. When you think about it, the term “full spectrum” is nothing more than just a marketing term.

The bulbs come in an assortment of sizes, voltages, wattages, finishes and base types.

So how do these Bulbs Function

The functioning of full spectrum is all about the kind of lamp it utilizes. As a matter of fact, a technical term that defines it sufficiently is not in existence – may be in future everything may be clearer.

Full spectrum bulbs are broadly grouped into two: fluorescent and incandescent – these require no introduction.

The incandescents employ a glass enclosure made from neodymium to sieve out some of the spectrums responsible for the yellow light that characterize typical incandescents. These bulbs look purplish or lavender when they are off.

However, fluorescents use a blend of phosphors – the name gives it away – to transform the light white. Full spectrum fluorescent lights are much closer in appearance to daylight. They appear white when unlit and are typically designed to bring out the colors well.

Of course, the full spectrum bulbs are not expected to wholly be like daylight, but they emulate the hue and quality of visible light.

Application of Full Spectrum Lights

The full spectrum lights have a number of applications. In general terms, the bulbs are used wherever a representation of sunlight is critical. In other words, the lights are useful in places or activities where sunlight is needed but unavailable – you can name a few of these places.

The most common of applications for LEDs include as grow lights in indoor gardening. They help ardent gardeners register bountiful harvests throughout the year – even during the winter months.

Basically, the full spectrum light is critical to animal and plant life – so you can guess the other places they are useful.

And yes, aquariums are other places where the full spectrums are needed. Under this kind of light, aquarium plant life grows better, and the fish become healthier. And even though plants are conditioned to the real sunlight, the full spectrum lights imitate the real thing regarding wavelengths to support growth and health.

It enhances the natural coloration of aquatic life which is often not visible under standard bulb lights. This means the lights enhance the natural beauty of freshwater aquariums so that you appreciate them better – your guests will love everything about the aquarium.

The full spectrums are useful in providing sufficient task lighting. Photographers, readers, writers, and artists all find the light indispensable. Surprisingly, the light has a host of health benefits that include healing of physical and mental related issues.

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Your Complete Lighting Needs In Lamps Plus

Brightening up your home is an enjoyable experience while making the house beautiful. At Lamps Plus you will find a huge selection of lighting fixtures of various sizes and shapes, from chandeliers to outdoor lights and table lamps. They also sell some furniture and other home décor.

The fact is, your home lighting has a huge influence on the overall look and ambiance of your home. When your home is too dark, it might make it difficult for you to do your tasks and when it is too bright, it does not look as cozy. The trick is to find a balance and having various options for lighting. This way, you can mix and match depending on your needs.

Lamps Plus has thousands of lighting fixtures to make sure you have everything you need. You can also choose from designer lamps at great discounts with the use of a new Oct. Lamps Plus coupon code. You may also find nice deals that are even just half-priced. They can assure their customers that their prices are the lowest.

So whether you are redecorating your home or setting up a new one, purchase all your lighting needs at Lamps Plus. For orders of more than $50, shipping is free and you may return any item without additional cost as well. If you are unsure which to buy, you can choose to go for custom lighting. You may also browse through their room inspiration gallery to find ideas on which one to buy. You may also call their Lighting and Home Décor Consultant for help.

Besides purchasing online, you may go visit their stores on the West Coast. They also offer workshops, consultations, and even lighting installation. From the huge selection of lamps to the wonderful service they offer their customers, you will not even think about going somewhere else for your lighting needs.