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Outdoor Lighting Guide Minneapolis

Using outdoor lighting effectively is a wonderful concept to employ in your home. Light during the day is quite different from how it is seen at night and can be quite useful in emphasizing light pathways and other outdoor spaces. Here are some tips on how to achieve good outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting in front of the house

As a whole, light is divided into three layers according to functionality: Overall, Task and Accent. Overall lighting pertains to illumination of an entire space or room while task lighting pertains to a specific goal like lighting a dining area or kitchen counter while accent lighting focuses on drawing attention to an object or area such as the use of floodlights.

Light Types

Different light types are used for outdoor lighting. For instance, incandescent bulbs provide a soft and pleasing light source but are not too reliable as they break very quickly and use way too much energy. Halogen lighting on the other hand are upgraded versions of the incandescent lights with better energy use and longevity. Fluorescent lights meanwhile last longer, consume lesser electricity and are available in an agreeable color range. LED lights are highly efficient, last longer than all the others combined but are more expensive.

Placement of Outdoor Lighting


Outdoor lighting for pathways

A pathway that is well lit is not only a welcoming sight but very necessary as long as the illumination it provides make the user more secure. Total Lighting, LLC does not recommend to use high illumination and downlights. Pavers can be individually lit in order to create a nice pathway.


outdoor lighting for driveway

It is recommended to use only low-voltage lighting for this part of your home.


outdoor lighting for entrywayLights are installed on each side of the door as well as overheat at front and side entry too.


Outdoor lighting for stairs

For safety purposes, steps should be illuminated. One can install LED lighting on the risers or on the treads.


outdoor lighting patios

Special emphasis needs to be placed on task areas like the cooking area as well as along railings and also on seating sections. One can utilize the uplighting method to send light upwards on an umbrella or deck to create an indirect effect.