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All About New Jersey Deregulated Energy

Deregulation of Energy has brought a different kind of revolution in the United States. Though every state has jumped into energy deregulation, but are moving towards it. Deregulation, is nothing but is a condition, where the people are given a chance to compare the prices of different kind of energy supplies, and can choose one for their home according to their need. Deregulation of Energy has become really popular in the Norther parts of America. The begging of deregulation has allowed competitive energy supplying companies like TriEagle Energy to come into the market and offer their products to the consumers. The best thing about the deregulated energy market is that the consumer can choose their energy provider, just like they can choose different household service providers.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU), passed a bill in 1999, to change the residential power supplies, into deregulated energy industry. The aim behind doing this, was to allow the residents, to choose the energy provider according to their budget and their needs. For deregulated energy consumers, there are two varieties available, one is simple electricity and another is the natural gas source. A survey was done right after the deregulation was done between 1999-2003 and it was found that the consumers were highly benefitted, for it had reduced the customer’s rate by almost 10.2 percent, which saved them approximately $290 million.

With time, the source of deregulated energy has developed further, and the service providers are now called Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). There are almost 21 licensed electric suppliers and 29 licensed natural gas suppliers. Other than these, there are even private suppliers usually known as third party suppliers.

TriEagle Energy is one of the leading energy providers in New Jersey. It is so because they fulfill all the three categories wisely, that are considered while choosing a provider.

Rates – Since there are many providers in the market, the rates seem to vary and face competition every once in a while. And TriEagle gives, some cheap rates, that are absolutely pocket friendly.

Service – Providing an uninterrupted service is very important. Though after deregulation the electricity or the natural gas providing source gets changed, the local distributor remains the same, and that’s why the consistent delivery of the energy should not be hampered and this is where TriEagle stands out, as they are masters in providing their service, without any interruptions.

Products – In this tough market every company decides and launches a variety of products to lure the consumers. So, TriEagle Energy too have many products and try their best to provide cent percent value for the consumers pay by providing them with various product options.

Though it is a very appealing system, because of its merits of providing a good product, service and price, yet the system is not totally flawless. There are flaws in the deregulated energy system too, but considering the pros, the minor cons can be ignored. It is hoped that just like New Jersey, every state of the United States, will slowly turn into a deregulated energy state.